Our Impact

Economic Empowerment

Our economic empowerment programs have helped community members become financially independent and overcome the challenges of poverty and unemployment. We have equipped members with skills such as cake baking and brick making to enable members to build their own business and support themselves independently.

The cake baking project alone has equipped over 200 members with basic skills in bridal cake making.

HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling (HTC)

We have increased community access to HIV/AIDS education by partnering with health providers to distribute health education services. We provide weekly HTC, STI, and TB screenings across the region to reach those who are in need.

MRF has offered HIV/AIDS positive services to over 330 young people living with HIV. These people are put on medication and are on minimum supervision and care.

Security Management

We hold quarterly personal and digital training sessions to discuss how to minimize the risks of health discrimination and harassment in the larger community.

Our training sessions have benefited 120+ community members on how to safely live day-to-day by learning ways of communicating with one another and using of keywords that refer to another word. These security training sessions have reduced attacks on young people living with HIV.

Documentation Program 

We document violence and health issues so that they are not forgotten. We respond to all health rights violations to protect the community that we serve.