MRF’s Impact in Rural Western Uganda

“In order for humanity to continue and progress, it is necessary to help one another. We are not alone, but rather, we are here as a community to stretch our hand and lift each other up when needed.”  – Real Raymond, ED MRF.

As we look ahead with optimism to an impactful year ahead, we want to take this moment to reflect and thank you for being part of MRF.

In a year met with unprecedented challenges, our global community of people, embraced new opportunities to show they care in a virtual world.

We are proud to have been your trusted partner through it all.

The pandemic may have pushed us apart, but as we cared for each other we pulled together.  

IN 2020

Our network grew:

Regional reach increased.

Partnerships expanded, Hosting the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum’s western legal aid center at our offices.

125 acquired skills in bakery 25 started business, 20 increased on our individual members

 Extended our work in deeper areas of kabale, Kisoro and Rukungiri

Our Impact touched more lives than ever

102+ Meals provided to rural LGBT in need

 350 people provided with condoms and lubricates      

120 pediatric isolation masks provided to help protect patients with compromised immune systems.

 102 cake baking, bakery management and financial literacy skills

There is rural Social economic transformation among the LGBTQ after providing economic skills trainings

our impact doesn’t stop here

The year ahead

In some ways 2020 has devastated us, in others, it has galvanized us. But one thing remained abundantly clear—none of this could have happened without you. Thank you for being the light in a long, dark year. Thank you for making it possible to reach new heights and keep going.

We’re hopeful for 2021 and eager to continue supporting our communities

We look forward to the impact we will achieve together in 2021 and beyond

With tremendous gratitude,


Real Raymond

Mbarara Rise Foundation ED.  

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