Cake Baking for LGBTQ Empowerment in Uganda

We want to express our appreciation for your generous support of our Cake Baking project in Uganda in November 2018. Your gift allowed us to train 102 members of the LGBTQ community with cake baking skills and other means of self-employment! As we continue to work to empower members of our community, we are coming to you once again to ask for your help.

Our community is still facing high levels of unemployment, while in 2018 we actively trained 102 with cake baking and bakery management skills, we need your help to make our efforts go even further and train 100 more!

You can help us to fight unemployment. Your support is crucial to our efforts to fight poverty
if you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation to help us achieve our mission and reduce high levels of unemployment.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go towards equipping the rural LGBTQ community with employment skills and financial literacy trainings.  

Here are the ways you can make a donation:


Thank you again!

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